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    Forza Inter presents Last day Mercato Mayhem thread!

    Guys, we have got him unofficially I mean look at wikipedia his current club status
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    Inter fan from Indonesia

    Berjuang untuk Inter welcome to the forum :)
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    Happy 19th Lamb Of God

    Thanks paj I will try comin here more often :)
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    Happy Birthday, Edlaut!

    finally the thread for big uncle Edlaut Happy birthday :D and have a nice one
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    happy 21th birthday Waleed!

    Happy birthday mate and enjoy your day :D
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    Emirates Cup (28 - 29 Jul 07)

    Yeah thats why Im cool as a cucumber here right now.No team can beat our first 11 by the way does anyone know why Matrix is being jeered by the fans?
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    Emirates Cup (28 - 29 Jul 07)

    Im watching the game live on TV and from the way its going we should think of fielding a stronger side the next game because the this team is featuring mostly youth players and they are making too many mistakes as for figo he aint havin a good game.Valencia is scoring because their team is...
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    Happy 23th b-day Stefan!

    Good day to you Stef and keep up the good work of providing us with vital information :D Happy birthday
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    Luis Jiménez

    Lol Good way to describe this move but Im sure Jimenez will prove us all wrong :)
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    Nelson Rivas

    I dont think we are getting veron and if we had wanted to loan rivas to our rivals we werent going to present him so he will be most likely playing this season in black and blue jersey.Burdisso,Rivas,Matrix and maicon looks perfect to me and maxwell is used when offence is needed.In midfield its...
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    2009/2010 Defenders rumours topic

    Since you guys want Chivu so much I will send a fax to Moratti and Chivu urging them to come here not excluding a hate mail to Roma president and forza Roma if that does not work I will try using my telepathic capabilities to destroy and give psychological pain via Lamb of God meditation to the...
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    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    I still remember if not mistaken reading mikes post that Jimenez was one of the most briliant players in Lazio and was the reason for them being in top 4 so why should we be sad at this transfer which I think is well executed by getting him on loan just to make sure things go smoothly.Bravo...
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    Man Utd - Inter (1 Aug 07)

    Why do you want Inter to win dont you want English and Milan power over Italian supremacy.I find it weird we rarely hear people from the Red side of Milan supporting the Blue side of Milan.
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    Asian Cup 2007

    I believe Malaysia is going to win this cup :D Go Go Go Malaysia against China
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    Happy Birthday Frisko

    Happy birthday mate :D have a great one