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    Barcelona - Inter (24 Oct 18) [2-0]

    Borja can't run man. And fuck Candreva. Handa Skriniar - De Vrij - Miranda Vrsaljko - Nainggolan - Brozovic - Asamoah - Perisic Martinez - Icardi But i don't believe we'll (or should) change formation in a match like this one. Plus Politano deserves to play.
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    Inter - Roma (31 Oct 15) [1-0]

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    Inter - Juventus (14 Sep 13)

    Where are the possible line ups? Where is the dude i am supposed to thank? :fffuuu:
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    Inter Jerseys 2013/2014

    I'd like to get this year's jersey on loan with right to purchase it the next year if i am satisfied with its quality. :oblivious:
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    ForzaInterForums Football Fantasy Draft

    Finish fast you fucks, i want to play! :fffuuu: pleaseeeeeeeee :(
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    Interview with Ana Banana

    Which came first, the chicken, the egg or I4E? This is more of a rhetorical question but w/e.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    He is starting vs Serbia.. :excitedeyes:
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    Results 2012/2013

    Pajo, please delete me from the standings, i am done for this season. :D From now on, i can't be active enough to predict every week so there is no point in continuing to play. Good luck to everyone and may the best predictor win. :)
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    Problems with the Forum

    No worries, they still don't. And nice try with that "we".
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    Have A Very Merry Christmas..

    Felice Natalino everyone.
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    2012 Forza Inter Oscars [Voting Box]

    Nah, don't change anything and count my first post.. i was just kidding (nah i want more thanks).
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    2012 Forza Inter Oscars [Voting Box]

    I've changed my mind. Best Overall Poster 1. ‎Devious 2. Dylan 3. Ffi201zi002tlis Most Important Member 1. Cal 2. Michael 3. Pajo
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    2012 Forza Inter Oscars [Voting Box]

    Best Overall Poster 1. ‎vasilios 2. Universe 3. Fitzy Biggest Troll 1. That's Unpossible (in an awesome way) Best Moderator 1. Pajo 2. vasilios 3. vitomins Most Important Member 1. Handoyo 2. Michael 3. Pajo Most Serious Member 1. nerazzurri4life 2. Coasterfreek 3. Tanel Most Humorous 1...
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    Forza Inter Prediction League 2012/2013 Week 18

    Italian Serie A Friday, 21 December 2012 18:00 Pescara 1-1 Catania 20:45 Cagliari 0-2 Juventus Saturday, 22 December 2012 12:30 Inter 3-1 Genoa (Milito, Cassano, Palacio) :star: 15:00 Atalanta 2-2 Udinese 15:00 Bologna 2-1 Parma 15:00 Palermo 1-0 Fiorentina 15:00 Sampdoria 1-1 Lazio 15:00...
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    Results 2012/2013

    Lol i was j/k... and i thought it was obvious. :D