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    Simone Inzaghi

    Conte was against signin Erikesn, it was his stubbornness why he didn't play Eriksen. Every player who is whole pre-season with team must be integrated in to the team. We can't lie to ourself that Gosens needs more time to integrate. Something is wrong. Maybe he is not good player as he was...
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    Robin Gosens

    Where does this come frome? No way someone would prefer Dima over Baston at LCB. Last season Bastone played more then Dima, and was much better at that position. Actually I think Dima shouldn't play at CB positions since he is very bad at defensive positioning in the box. DD is much better at...
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    Edin Džeko

    No way he is better then Pinamonti, they wont him as cheep backup, and he probably has nothing against siting on bench. But he does not want to reduce his salary, that is way he will stay at Inter.
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    Milan Škriniar

    We lost Bremer, we cant sell Škrinar now.
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    Beppe Marotta

    I don't get those people who blame Marotta about Bremer, he made a deal. But he simply didn't had money. Is his fault because Juve can offer more to Torino and to Bremer? Should he take his personal money to pay them? His probably plan was to take 70+M€ for Škriniar and take Bremer for half of...
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    Beppe Marotta

    But when there were rumor's about we are going to sign in Dybala 99%, nobody was thinking about getting back Lukaku, unexpecting we got chance to get Lukaku for loan, and we took Lukaku over Dybala. Maybe Lukaku wasn't so unexpecting, maybe Dybala was just a smoke bombe and trap to get Dybala...
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Yep. That was a deal, are they have any plans for next summer, nobody knows.
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    Cesare Casadei

    Well, last 15 years, how many primavera players have developed to be good enough for Inter? Bonucci, Batoletlli, Zaniolo, anyone else?
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    Estevão Dalbert

    Thats why Lukaku costed us 75M€ and Dalbert 20M€. Hakimi vas 43M€, and it was good price, since he played very well at BD. Only Škriniar was "nobody" at the moment when he signed for us.
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    Andrea Pinamonti

    Let's be honest, they have same amount of goals in Serie A, but Pina has much more minutes played. Even if we only compare last season, Pina has 700 min. more and 3 goals less. And, I feel like Scammaca can more offer in field play then Pina. There is a reason why Scammaca worth more then Pina...
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    Stefan de Vrij

    Why would he work on transfer now? He still has one year left with Inter, now he can't find new club that can offer him bigger salary. After this year he will be free-agent and then can take nice amount of money for singing, or bigger salary because he is free-agent.
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    Stefan de Vrij

    Only sell him, if it will save Škriniar, otherwise it's pointless. He had bad season. But maybe he is not over yet.
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    Milan Škriniar

    Koulibaly to CFC is bad news for use. If we have to sell Škriniar, I was hoping for biding war between PSG and CFC. Now when CFC took Koulibaly, PSG is only potential buyer.
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    Robin Gosens

    Agree about his seasons. But was thinking about replacing him from last season. We need big contribution from one wing-back.
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    Milan Škriniar

    Well, PSG is not problem, ofc they want to get player as cheap as possible. Just as everybody when buying something. Problem is Inter, because everybody knows we want to sell somebody big, and we prefer selling him. So ofc they try to lowball us. If we were not planning to sell big names, they...