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    Shakhtar - Inter (28 Sep 21) [0-0]

    Really can't take anyone lightly in the CL(Sherif has proven that already) but I really think we will get the 3 points here. If we don't show up though, they can very easily nick a goal and get the 3 points and will be a tough hill to climb then.
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    Inter babes

    Don't know if been posted yet but I have always loved asian chicks. She is🤤
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    Inter - Atalanta (25 Sep 21) [2-2]

    Frustrating to get the draw but in the end a fair result for both sides. Do think once we get on top of teams we need to have more of a killer edge than we do right now.
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    Shakhtar - Inter (28 Sep 21) [0-0]

    Really need to get all 3 points in this one and build some momentum and somewhat of a comfort zone going into the rest of the group games.
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    Lautaro Martinez

    Could you translate this pal? Thank you(y)
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    Ivan Perišić

    Ya'll think any chance he goes home to Croatia and plays for someone like Dinamo Zagreb? Don't know if they could pay him enough for just a thought. Wouldn't totally shock me to see an MLS team look into him also
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    Inter - Atalanta (25 Sep 21) [2-2]

    Will be a tough one no doubt.They are a good team regardless of recent results.
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    Lautaro Martinez

    The goals will come, of that I have no fear. He does everything so well.
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    Inter - Atalanta (25 Sep 21) [2-2]

    We will win this one, I just think we have more momentum than they do
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    Fiorentina - Inter (21 Sep 21) [1-3]

    He's good enough to make anyone his bitch
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    Fiorentina - Inter (21 Sep 21) [1-3]

    How good are Fiorentina fans in the sense of building an atmosphere?
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    Edin Džeko

    The guy is a natural goal scorer period. Yes perhaps getting up there in age but still a player I would trust to come on and put one away if given the chance.
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    Denzel Dumfries

    His best performance with Inter so far no doubt.Hope he can keep it up,that pass was exceptional
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    NFL (American Football)

    Panthers are 2-0 for first since 2017. Love it!
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Who's ya'lls surprise team so far this season? For me its Udinese especially if they can get a result against Napoli(Let's hope they do)