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    Chievo - Inter (21 Aug 16) [2-0]

    New season, same shit. It's going to be another long one lads.
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    Inter - Lazio (10 May 14)

    This game is going to be so emotional, Forza Inter!
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    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    End of an era for Inter. Without question one of Inter's greatest ever players if not THE greatest ever player. Grazie Il Capitano!
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    Milan - Inter (4 May 14)

    Looking likely to be the last ever derby for Zanetti, Milito and Samuel... Lets end on a high!
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    All time best Inter eleven

    Can only pick players I've saw play for Inter, not appropriate otherwise... Cesar Maicon Lucio Samuel Zanetti Sneijder Cambiasso Eto'o Ibrahimovic Milito Ronaldo Subs: Toldo, Cordoba, Matrix, Recoba, Figo, Vieri, Baggio 4-2-4 :trolldad: but still...
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    Why do you support Inter, and how did you choose Inter?

    I'm from an Italian background and naturally was drawn to Serie A and La Nazionale, mainly due to the influence of my Nonno. When it came to the time to pick an Italian team to root for Inter seemed the natural choice. Juventus were 'more successful' but there was an arrogance about them that I...
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    Inter - Catania (26 Jan 14)

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    Lazio - Inter (6 Jan 14)

    I honestly don't know where Inter go from here. The squad is made up of brutally average players, golden oldies and a few young 'stars' who never play. The transfer policy is complete and utter shite and the manager can't even make the best out of what he's got.
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    Andrea Ranocchia

    He's got to go, a complete liability in defence.
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    Lazio - Inter (6 Jan 14)

    No Kovacic? Damn. I'm going with 0-1 Inter, Palacio with the goal
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    Zdravko Kuzmanovic

    Done well when he came on
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    Inter - Milan (22 Dec 13)

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    Rodrigo Palacio

    He's carrying the team at the moment.
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    Julio Cesar

    Easily one of the best goalkeepers in the world in 2010 now he doesn't get a game for QPR in the Championship :yao2: Hope to see him move to a decent club in January, so long as it's not Milan..
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    Amantino Mancini

    I read something on a Facebook page about Mancini, it was in Italian so I didn't understand it properly, I think though he's been released from jail? I know he was shit for us and scum for raping someone but what a superb player he was at Roma.