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    Lautaro Martinez

    Kovacic? But that was a lot of money for a player who had big problems
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    Antonio Conte

    Thus far conte has played the team familiar with his tactics who have trained with him since summer last year. Why do people continually fail to understand that you can't just drop a player like eriksen into a different set of tactics, in a new team, in a new league and expect him to perform...
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    2019/2020 Forwards Rumours Thread

    You're not JJM
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    Lautaro Martinez

    That only matters if the selling club actually wants to sell, why should they be reasonable unless forced to by a prearranged reason? Goes back to a Barca fan i was arguing with on reddit who was thinking Inter should accept the ~70million euro deals, "Because thats what hes worth to Barca"
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    Fredy Guarín

    He's in Brazil now? Last i saw he was wanking off horse cocks
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co), Mercato Strategies, The Future & The Past

    Never understood the obsession with meunier, he's a basket case who forgets he's not the striker he was in his youth. Though I've only ever seen people on FIF rate him
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    The Hip Hop Thread

    Thought i'd post this here, Will Smith's remix of "Will" by Joyner Lucas. I love it
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    Lecce - Inter (19 Jan 20) [1-1]

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    Lecce - Inter (19 Jan 20) [1-1]

    This ref is a peice of shit. Been fucking horrible, blowing the whistle too early so we can't score. Not giving red for challenge on Barella. Incompetent asshole
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    Lecce - Inter (19 Jan 20) [1-1]

    This is finishing 1-1 isnt it?
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    Who was the worst Inter player ever?

    Was Vieri not more?
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    Matteo Politano

    If Roma didnt want the fitness of their player questioned, they should have allowed the extra fitness tests to be done
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    Inter - Cagliari (14 Jan 20) [Coppa Italia] [4-1]

    Rano should start. There i said it
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    Inter - Cagliari (14 Jan 20) [Coppa Italia] [4-1]

    I still dont understand how the di Marco cross to Lukaku goal was flagged offside
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    Inter - Cagliari (14 Jan 20) [Coppa Italia] [4-1]

    I am liking Lazaro. Nice to have a bit of flair on the wings compared to a the rest which are hard working wingbacks