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    Andrea Ranocchia

    Bold statement. Try to slot Nelson Rivas in and see what happens. Truth is Rano has improved and he has all the time in the world to study how the role functions by training with De Vrij everyday. Kudos to him but let's not go on suicide mode to dispose of De Vrij right now unless Newcastle is...
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    Ivan Perišić

    There was a moment when he sprinted all the way back to kick a ball out to the sideline when Bastoni was nowhere to be found. Feels like Perisic is still 25. Not mad at all if he ended up refusing us to extend on a lower salary. Of course I could rationalise why we shouldn't extend him but his...
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    Nicolò Barella

    I beg to differ. The key issue is we shouldn't always use captaincy as a leverage to negotiate for a player's service. We made this mistake with Icardi. To an extent, we also made the same mistake with Rano when he wasn't ready (while we were hoping him to be our next Materazzi). The captain...
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    Martín Satriano

    Quite shocked to see Satriano tonight. Was expecting Sensi so we could sit out the game in 3-5-1-1
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    Andrea Ranocchia

    He has officially become our new Materazzi
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    Edin Džeko

    And Alexis will go to Instagram to complain about the lack of playing time for us again... In the meantime Dzeko injured himself with Bosnia, broke his head tonight, and while still had visible blood stains on his bandage, kept defending our goal on corners.
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    Edin Džeko

    He was still injured and got another knock on his head. I’ll cut him some slack today.
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    Matias Vecino

    Can't wait to see him go. I'd rather bring Borja back from retirement than to see him around for another 6 months.
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    Simone Inzaghi

    He used to make more timely subs. Not sure what's holding him back today. Anyway this has been discussed at length already. If you've watched the training video yesterday, you could tell he's working on some high press (by opponents) scenarios, which has been our weakness earlier this season...
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    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Absolutely crazy to have the guts to take the first pen. Can we get Pintus back as a freelance fitness coach? Hakan would be a better player under him.
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    Matteo Darmian

    Let's take a moment to thank Darmian again. Clearly the best player in the first half. DDA has a great successor. Wish he could bag a few more goals this season.
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    Lautaro Martinez

    I'd prefer even Dimarco over Lautaro when it comes to pens. The correct order should be Perisic>Hakan>Dimarco>Lautaro. Trouble is the first three don't always start so we are back to square one.
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    Stefan de Vrij

    FFS not his fault.
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    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Hakan you better be ready for Sunday. Their fans will boo you. You'll be under enormous pressure. Your former teammates know all your tricks and movements. But you've been rested already so you must play the game of your life. Otherwise you'll be crucified by both Curva Nord and Sud and not even...
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    Denzel Dumfries

    Slightly better performance today against a toothless Sheriff. But he still has issues on positioning. A couple of times after losing the ball in the box, he'll just stand there while Dzeko is already running back. Not acceptable considering he used to be a CB before.