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    Simone Inzaghi

    This. Weird subs, often late, often defensive... The Dzeko-Lautaro thing, I don't think we fans all agreed on something and were actually right ever in known human history, yet Simone somehow continued boneheadedly pairing them week after week. I'd go as far as to terminate Dzeko's contract. He...
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    I'm more interested to see how those fuckers fare in the Champions League this year, being "tHe ChAMpiOnS oF iTalY" and all... Consistently mediocre performances might do it for Serie Ass but won't cut it with the big boys - they'll get humiliated just like last year.
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    2022/2023 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    If this Mkhitaryan transfer rumour has any truth to it, and it does actually happen, I'm buying a god damn jersey. Would be my first, and I've been a fan for 15 years now...
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    Juventus - Inter (15 May 21) [3-2]

    I sure hope the rotation for the Roma game was so that we can come out full strength against Juve and obliterate their CL chances.
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    Inter's Financial Situation

    That whole shit is way overblown IMO. Once again Italian media is trying to shit all over our success, while clubs like Juve who are in shambles aren't getting anywhere near the same treatment. They are out of CL probably, they have the highest wage bill in the league and they have 3 coaches on...
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    Inter Streams
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    Inter- Juventus (17 Jan 21) [2-0]

    Well... :troll:
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    Inter- Juventus (17 Jan 21) [2-0]

    Ah, I see spirits around here are high, as usual. :yao2:
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    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    “We are convinced that football will be able to restart in the coming months – under conditions which will be dictated by the public authorities – and believe that any decision to abandon national competitions is, at this stage, premature and not justified,” wrote UEFA President Aleksander...
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    Stefan de Vrij

    Well if your agent is a money-hungry whore that doesn't turn you automatically into one... Or so I hope :yao: Stefan seems like a sensible guy at least and not some kind that Raiola could easily sway into rash and risky career choices.
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    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    What I meant is that all clubs are in the same boat. Considering the circumstances FFP should even be tightened. If FFP is loosened or lifted altogether what prevents ultra-rich clubs with owners that can just print money to buy out all the best players from struggling teams for peanuts?
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    Lautaro Martinez

    And my logic dictates that clubs would rather stick to players they have longer contracts with and wait out for the market to normalise rather than selling them on the cheap. Sancho's contract runs out in the summer of '22 and Lautaro's in '23...
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    Lautaro Martinez

    Do you loan your crystal ball or you keep it all for yourself? I'm asking for a friend.
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    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    FFP by definition is a frameworks for clubs not spending beyond their means, whatever their means are - it should stand even in the situation of a recession or the force majeure situation we're in. All clubs are going to be equally financially burdened when this thing ends. The market will...
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    Mauro Icardi

    All three are free to take turns choking on a massive feces-covered dick, as far as I'm concerned.