Inter - Empoli (19 Jan 22) [Coppa Italia] [3-2]


Sep 16, 2017
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The only thing I can say is that I'n thoroughly impressed by this Empoli side. They played good football, they run a lot, players covered for each other, there is a solid tactical system instilled into the squad. Then they ran out of gas but who wouldn't. Worthy opponent that made for one interesting match.


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Mar 28, 2011
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yeah, all three of their Coppa matches they played good football (or so I read)


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Mar 20, 2007
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Good way to showcase Inter's bench talent prior to the close winter transfer window. Looking forward to Gagliardini and Vecino each getting a goal and an assist so we can all backpedal and say "we knew they could do it " :lol:
Unfortunately this didn`t age well... We`ve been almost elimintated from the tournament and Vecino somehow made 2 mistakes in the same phase! First he stupidly lost the ball at the centre of the field, then he ran back but failed to defend and they scored. No wonder nobody wants to take him in January, this guy is a constant liability. Whenever he steps on the pitch, it feels like we are playing 1 man down or worse - because he always loses the ball, sabotaging our attacks.

Inter should terminate Vecino`s contract only based on his match performance against Empoli in Coppa!

This midfield makes me think we only have a first team and a C team, but no B team.
The fucking lengths I go to watch Vecino play against fucking Empoli :palm:
Gags,Vidal and Vecino..Let get a ready to (C)RUMMMMMBBBBBBLLLLLEEE!!!!!!This is gonna be helluva entertainment.
Vecino-Gagliardini-Vidal :D

Surely it won't be that. Barella or Brozovic needs to start, or we won't be able to do anything in the midfield.
vecino-vidal-gagliardini is that a joke?
Inzaghi playing with fire with that lineup.
Everyone here on FIF could see this coming! It`s almost like deliberately setting up your team for failure.
Hope Inzaghi learns from today game:Never field Vecino and Gags together.EVER!
Truly hope so bro!

Darmian can play anywhere. I have confidence that he can play as a forward or GK and do a decent job of it.
To be honest he is versatible but seemed uncomfortable on the left in certain moves. He would probably need more time to get accustomed.

The only running Sensi will do today is at his medical for Sampdoria
When I saw him coming in on that bad turf I thought to myself he will get injured and miss his chance to regularly play somewhere (Sampdoria). What a nice surprise!



Simone Inzaghi was not surprised that Empoli forced Inter to extra time in the Coppa Italia, assures Stefano Sensi might not join Sampdoria, but Joaquin Correa has ‘quite a serious injury.’
It was far from a comfortable night for the Nerazzurri, who were minutes away from elimination when trailing 2-1 to Empoli at home.

The Alexis Sanchez opener was overturned by Nedim Bajrami and an unlucky Ionut Radu own goal, but Andrea Ranocchia’s acrobatic volley in stoppages forced extra time.
At that point, substitute Stefano Sensi – who was not meant to be in the squad ahead of a loan move to Sampdoria – scored the winner for 3-2.

“I think we’ve seen almost all the Round of 16 ties have gone to extra time. We knew Empoli were a quality team, we should’ve scored more in the first half and then lost our way a bit after the break,” Inzaghi told Sport Mediaset.
“Conceding the equaliser was a further blow, but we didn’t give up and managed to turn it around.”

Sensi was not even expected to be at San Siro tonight, yet came off the bench and scored the winner. Is he going to Sampdoria on loan?
“Stefano deserved this evening, because he’s had very little space this season, but always trained hard. As long as he wears the Inter jersey, I will keep him in mind. If he stays, I’m more than happy to keep him, but he has to make some evaluations and decisions.
“We talked a lot, he’s a very intelligent guy and I am glad he scored the winner tonight. As long as he wears the Inter jersey, I am holding on tight to Stefano Sensi.”

Alexis Sanchez came off the bench within four minutes and was on target again, this time with a header. Should the Chile international get more playing time?
“I think Sanchez is a great player who started four of the last six and came off the bench in the other two, so he’s getting playing time and earning that with his performances.”

There was drama too, as in the opening couple of minutes Joaquin Correa went off in tears clutching his hamstring after Simone Romagnoli clambered all over him. That might’ve also not been helped by the state of the San Siro pitch, which was very patchy and seemed to have visible holes.
“Both Inter and Milan have had this problem for well over a month and something has to be done, because it’s not a good turf. Empoli were penalised too this evening, because they play the ball to feet with quick passes.
“We really could’ve done without the Correa injury, because he had just returned and was ready to contribute, but it seems like quite a serious injury.”

Seeing how things went last night I can understand mister`s statement. If we cannot get rid of Vecino in January and take another midfielder (say Nandez on loan), we risk seeing him on the pitch again. And I`d rather have the option to play Sensi than Vecino, so he might stay after all.