Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]


Prima Squadra
Prima Squadra
Jul 18, 2022
yeah and a draw that would be a lose because there was a clear penalty for bologna.. almost equal start? not really. That draw against bologna already shows that they are not impossible to beat. The advance of having no cups is for sure important. But we also have a good bench. I don't know if Inzaghi is thinking to play our bench in CL to focus on Serie A but if yes, why not? As long we make it for the next stage, even as second. But what matters is the league, we should not fuck up again like it happend against Liverpool last year where we never rested players.

We are going to have equal games to that, just you wait and see, also against team at that level. Oh shoot we kinda had, we where very lucky not getting beaten by 11 spot team in La Liga who been anything but convincing this season, it’s a team playing as convincing as Bologna at the moment that we almost got humiliated by, lets not forget that and won’t be neither the first or the last time.

We are not impossibly to beat either far from it. We have plenty of weaknesses of our own all of which where exposed for all too see in the CL.


Jul 21, 2012
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Scudetto is ours to lose.
Ridiculous indeed.

Some are really flying in clouds right now.
We didn’t, what will you call Lukaku transfer then?

10th most expensive transfer in history, highest by any Italian team.

And Hakimi that we got 60m plus majority of the 11m adds on.

We made 3 over 60m trades, the record by any club is 6 and it’s Dortmund and Chelsea. Only 7 clubs made more then 3 deals over the value of 60m €.
Apparently I should have added "since Lukaku" but thought it was obvious. I guess it was not.

We didn't fleeced anyone for Onana or Hakimi. Like we didn't fleeced anyone for Kovačić back then even though people were acting like we did. At best case,really at best case,we can talk about good price,nothing more.
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