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    Romelu Lukaku

    Best striker of club which is a founding member of European Superleague. Everything Romelu dreamed of.
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    Spezia - Inter (21 Apr 21) [1-1]

    The remaining games of Serie A feel so redundant now. 0-2 win with not even making a 50% effort.
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    Inter - Sassuolo (7 Apr 21) [2-1]

    Handa positive. 2 weeks of international break incoming, so it shouldn't be much of a problem, however I don't know how Radu plays with his feet and we tend to build up from our own box so I am curious whether Conte will ask Radu to strictly play long-balls without any short passes to the defenders.
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    Sassuolo - Inter (28 Nov 20) [0-3]

    Forza Berardi, I am expecting hat-trick from you man.
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    Antonio Conte

    Overrated piece of shit.
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    Arturo Vidal

    Hope we will the coveted Scudetto next May and then he can fuck off to China.
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    Marcelo Brozović

    Awful game. Too many chances given for this player. Please leave.
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    Inter - Sevilla (21 Aug 20) [3-2]

    Sevilla is playing in the EPL and is an English team? If not, well, frankly, I don't understand his arrogance, normally fans of English teams act and write in such a way.
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    Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk (17 Aug 20) [5-0]

    Глуповатый троллинг, если вы ювентино/биланист, так и скажите;) И да, форум англоязычный, поэтому ссылки на испанском давать как-то странно.
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    2020/2021 Defenders Rumours Thread

    I actually thought that he was part of a Ukraine's U-20 World Cup winning team but apparently not.
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    Ricardo Alvarez

    Amusing story,mate.
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    Antonio Conte

    True Interists and Curva Nord 1969 are with Conte.
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    Alexis Sanchez

    Who knows, maybe it was Ausilio who laid the foundations of this transfer:closeenough:
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    Italian Serie A 2020/2021

    You won't have to. Allegri will bring back the Scudetto to the city of Milano.
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    Atalanta - Inter (1 Aug 20) [0-2]

    It is Gym-City.